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“What Matters” To Cahaba Wealth?

An Interview with Brian O’Neill

Have you ever wondered about Cahaba Wealth Management’s origin story? 

The “What Matters Podcast” recently hosted our President and Founder, Brian O’Neill, to discuss this (and much more). “What Matters” is on a mission to showcase best-in-class RIAs, Wealth Managers, and Investment Professionals who have built businesses that are changing the game in the field of wealth management.  

In this episode, “Navigating the Financial Frontier: Insights from a Wealth Management Visionary“, Mike and Brian delve  into Brian’s decision to establish Cahaba Wealth Management in 2009 and the entrepreneurial lessons he gained.

Brian discusses the key factors driving Cahaba Wealth Management’s success, emphasizing organizational culture. He shares his perspective on the future of wealth management and the impact of AI on the workforce.

Topics include:

  • What made Brian decide to build Cahaba Wealth Management in 2009
  • Brian’s entrepreneurial learnings from starting his own firm
  • Why both stocks and bonds posted losses last year
  • The role of human decision-making in investing
  • The secrets behind the success of Cahaba Wealth Management over the years
  • The importance of culture in business organizations
  • Brian’s vision of the future of wealth management
  • The impact of AI on the future of the human workforce
  • What the future looks like for Cahaba Wealth Management

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