Investment Management

With a deep understanding of your goals, we provide a personalized investment strategy

Our team has experience across many disciplines including investment management, as well as tax and financial planning. Through a combination of our years of experience managing client portfolios and our diverse expertise, we have developed an investment philosophy built upon the following core tenants:

Cahaba Wealth Management investment philosophy
GOALS - Create clear, appropriate investment goals

Defining goals clearly and being realistic about how to achieve them can help protect investors from common mistakes that can derail progress. We believe an appropriate investment goal should be both measurable and attainable. Success should not depend on outsize investment returns or impractical saving or spending requirements.

BALANCE - Develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds

A sound investment strategy starts with an asset allocation befitting the portfolio's objective. At Cahaba Wealth Management, our asset allocation decisions are based upon reasonable expectations for risk and return and use a broad range of diversified investments to avoid exposure to unnecessary risks. Both asset allocation and diversification are rooted in the idea of balance. Although all investments involve risk, our portfolio monitoring process continually identifies, analyzes and balances risk and return through the choice of our portfolio holdings.

COST - Minimize investment costs

You can't control the markets, but you can control the bite of costs and taxes. Our investment philosophy helps you hold on to a greater share of your investment returns by lowering investment costs and managing your portfolio for tax efficiency. What’s more, research suggests that lower-cost investments have tended to outperform higher-cost alternatives over time.

DISCIPLINE - Maintain perspective and long-term discipline

Success is never found overnight. In the face of market turmoil, some investors may find themselves making rash decisions or, conversely, becoming paralyzed, unable to move forward with their financial plan or investment strategy. However, focusing on long-term results can make those relatively brief jolts in the markets more tolerable. Our investment discipline and long-term perspective may make it easier for you to stay the course and remain committed to your plan through periods of market uncertainty.

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